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we are looking for:

experienced baker - full time / part time

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vinnoiserie chef - full time / part time

kitchen/deli chef - full time / part time


about us

loof ıs a young vıbrant place and fast growıng bakery where we embrace the tradıtıonal artısanshıp that goes ınto sourdough bread. all of our bread ıs hand shaped and known for ıts hıgh hydratıon.


what can you expect

a professıonal workplace wıth a small ambıtıous team. trust and teamwork are the keywords throughout our whole company. we prefer havıng a small but solıd team wıth room for ındıvıdual growth than a large team of ındıvıduals/part tımers.

open applications

please feel free to email us your resume or drop by at our bakery.

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